Action Over Aesthetic

Lightning Fast Attention

In today’s day and age, we are constantly switching our attention in the matter of seconds. Attention is becoming more and more important as time passes by. Next time you’re on your phone or computer, step back and notice how fast you switch between apps, websites or posts.

Looks Aren't Everything

Beauty helps a little when it comes to collecting a following but really only truly plays at most a max 20%, leaving 80% to what, why and how efficiently you do what you do. You must nail down why you’re in business and your ability to 100% before you even start to consider the way your logo or presence will look like.

Trust to Satisfaction

People buy from those whom they trust the most. Sure they may like the way company A is presented online but if they’re known for missing due dates or simply not having quality products,  they will choose to go with company B regardless of their aesthetic because their mission statement is easily understood and kept up with.

Embracing Change As It Comes

[caption id="attachment_2319" align="aligncenter" width="967"] Don't fight the wave.[/caption]

Technology is advancing faster than most of us would like, and it is a scary thought when you think about it as a whole. When the printing press was created most people were scared to embrace the potential of it because it was simply a 'new' form a sharing. Hundreds of years later, we can clearly recognize that it was a major step forward that needed to be taken in order to make the advancements we have today.

We should apply this same process of thinking to our lives and how our future will be. Most attention is being paid to social media such as twitter, facebook, Instagram, snapchat, etc. While being a new form of marketing & sharing, it also comes with cheaper price tags. Facebook and Instagram has a customization system that allows you to target your audience, which will turn into profitable growth. Embrace tech as it comes and reap the benefits of being the first. Your money is far more worth on social media ads than in conventional advertising. Thousand dollar billboards and large quantities of flyers have a higher chance of missing your targeted audience. Instead, place your money into a more effective way to reach mass amounts of people tailored to you.