Internet Marketing Plans

computers and mobile phoneInternet marketing is an efficient and cost-effective way to market your brand to consumers across the region, the country, and the globe. Today’s consumer expects simplicity and immediacy while shopping online. As more of your customers begin to use the web as their primary source for information and purchases, you must adapt your marketing to meet their changing needs.

At Ad Trends Advertising we work to make Internet marketing easier by creating an open line of communication. You become more educated about Internet marketing and its benefits and we become more educated about your products and services. Internet marketing is all about finding new, unique ways to express what you and your business do best. We take the time to make sure your Internet marketing is fresh and engaging.

The Facts:

70% of Americans are online almost everyday.
50 Million people will shop online this year.
Adults spend 3 hours a day more online than watching TV.
There are over 400 Million websites online.
Only 3% of all business sell their products or services online.
16% of small businesses see the Internet as a threat.
Only 18% of small businesses have an Internet Marketing Plan.