Make Your Website Your #1 Salesperson

Make Your Website Your #1 Salesperson

Your website is a lot like your vehicle, you need a tune-up from time to time to keep that vehicle running at its peak performance.  Your website is also running 24/7 so there are a lot of things that can build up.

Over time websites can get bogged down with multiple files that build up in the back end and can slow the performance of a website.  We sometimes also let our information on our website get stale and old.  By making key changes to your website you can bring it up to date and make sure, most importantly, that the search engines are happy with your website.
The Ad Trends Website Tune-Up covers multiple areas that can drastically improve the performance of your site.
·         Overall Performance– We look at key indicators that can effect the loading speed of your website and run tests to chart improvements.  Images and other large files can be pinpointed and fixed to improve speed and function.
·         Site Keyword Relevance– By looking at the major parts and pieces that the search engines look at to help determine the rank of your website we can find where a website may be lacking and find ways to improve the direction of Search Engine Optimzation.

·         Search Engine Ranking– By looking at where a website ranks we can determine what moves and changes can be made to improve a website ranking and also improving the things that websites rely on to show the significance of your site.

·         Outdated Content– This can be a leading factor on how a website can fail at getting the right message to customers.  If your phone numbers, emails and product information are not correct you run the chance of losing business you never even knew you had the opportunity to get.
·         Current Sitemap– We also look at your sitemap which is a file in your website that can tell the search engines when and where to index your website.  Many websites exist without a sitemap and Google can have a harder time getting the information it needs to give you the best possible ranking.
Give your website the tune-up it deserves.  Your website can be your #1 salesperson, you just have to give it the right attention.
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