Golf Season is Coming!

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It’s starting to get close to that time of year again; the sun is staying out longer, the grass is starting to turn, and companies all around the area are getting ready to have start their yearly company golf tournaments. And maybe you are getting that “itch” to head out and play in a couple tournaments.

But first, do you remember those golf tournaments from last year?  Were they great or just ok – you know they say a bad day on the golf course is better than the best day at work.  Do you remember the “goodies” or “SWAG-bag” they handed out?  You don't?  Was it because those goodies were “not-so-good-ies”?  Was this event the oneyou or your company organized?  If so, how many of the players from last year’s event plan to return this year?  And more importantly, how many of the sponsors from last year’s event do you expect to return with their generous contributions?Golf Tournament  Ad-03

If you are on a golf tournament committee and want your participants to return to your event year after year, send them away with a goodie bag full of quality items they will want to use - or more importantly, items they won’t want to throw away.  And if you rely on sponsorship dollars to help fund your event, then their company logo should be on items that your players will hang onto and want to keep in their car, desktop, or home office . . . not just in their golf bag.  Your sponsors will look at these goodies as marketing dollars spent wisely.

Let the “Club Pros” at Ad Trends Advertising help you build a better golf tournament.  Our ideas will not only add credibility to your event, but will also bring more money to the bottom line of your fundraising efforts. We know that no two companies are the same, and neither are their tournaments; so why should all of the goodies be the same from tournament-to-tournament. We create customized golf tournament items for you and your company, and never just pull something off the shelf and slap your company logo on it.

Think about it, would you rather have Sponsor A logo on a sandstone car coaster and your company be seen every time they take a drink; Sponsor B logo on an acrylic drink tumbler and you’re seen when they are thirsty; and Sponsor C logo on a roll-up sweatshirt blanket and help them keep warm while they’re dreaming of the course? OR you could give your players a $20 umbrella.  How do you define getting the most “bang” for the marketing buck? Oh, and all of this is done for under $20 per player.

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Make Your Website Your #1 Salesperson

Your website is a lot like your vehicle, you need a tune-up from time to time to keep that vehicle running at its peak performance.  Your website is also running 24/7 so there are a lot of things that can build up.

Over time websites can get bogged down with multiple files that build up in the back end and can slow the performance of a website.  We sometimes also let our information on our website get stale and old.  By making key changes to your website you can bring it up to date and make sure, most importantly, that the search engines are happy with your website.
The Ad Trends Website Tune-Up covers multiple areas that can drastically improve the performance of your site.
·         Overall Performance- We look at key indicators that can effect the loading speed of your website and run tests to chart improvements.  Images and other large files can be pinpointed and fixed to improve speed and function.
·         Site Keyword Relevance- By looking at the major parts and pieces that the search engines look at to help determine the rank of your website we can find where a website may be lacking and find ways to improve the direction of Search Engine Optimzation.

·         Search Engine Ranking- By looking at where a website ranks we can determine what moves and changes can be made to improve a website ranking and also improving the things that websites rely on to show the significance of your site.

·         Outdated Content- This can be a leading factor on how a website can fail at getting the right message to customers.  If your phone numbers, emails and product information are not correct you run the chance of losing business you never even knew you had the opportunity to get.
·         Current Sitemap- We also look at your sitemap which is a file in your website that can tell the search engines when and where to index your website.  Many websites exist without a sitemap and Google can have a harder time getting the information it needs to give you the best possible ranking.
Give your website the tune-up it deserves.  Your website can be your #1 salesperson, you just have to give it the right attention.
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SEO Client Relationships: Tips

Communication between client and service provider is a vital part in the success of any campaign, or indeed any business relationship at all. Due to the nature of SEO, many clients will have quite a lot of questions and these should be dealt with right at the early stages, before a campaign has even begun. It is really important that clients are made aware of the fact that it can take a long time to see results, especially for new domains. It is also highly advisable to discuss suitable measurements of a campaigns success, for example traffic numbers, search engine results and so on. These will all have to be tailored to the work in question and every job will have its own individual needs and challenges. This article aims to point out five common questions, and how you can deal with them effectively.

1. Why Don’t I Have More Traffic ?
Many clients simply don’t know what they can expect with regards to traffic numbers. This is no fault of their own, but sometimes they can be disappointed by the traffic they receive from seemingly good search engine positions. Traffic estimates should be based on search volume and it’s important to clearly explain the huge difference in click through rate between a number one position and a number four position.
2. Why Don’t I Appear for This Keyword?
When clients first engage in SEO activities, it must be clearly explained that in order to even begin to rank well for certain keywords, each page must effectively target its own keyword. If you try to focus a page on too many different keywords, it will dilute the message and leave the search engines confused as to what the page in question is talking about. Therefore, unless you have a large website, there is a limit to how many keywords you can expect to rank well for.
3. My Local Directory Listing Is Outranking Me, Why Is This?
This is particularly troublesome for new and small websites. Quite often when a search is carried out for a chosen keyword, not only will you see your website come up, you will also see your directory listings appear. Sometimes the directory listings will actually outrank you. This is due to the fact that the directory probably has a lot more authority than you, and work will have to be done to boost the importance of your website above that of your page on the said directory. You could also try changing your directory listing to reduce its competitiveness.
4. How Long Do I Have To Wait?
Probably the biggest question of all, how long will it take and how long will I have to pay you for? It’s vital to make this clear right from the start. You have to explain that it will take time for your work to bear results. Honesty really is the best policy here. I would recommend preparing a client for anywhere between at least six to twelve months with a thorough check of progress being carried out every three months.
5. How Will Doing More Help?
This is a big one, especially if you are not getting the results as quickly as you may have expected. You may be going back to client several months down the line and suggesting yet more site improvements or link building efforts. Marketing a website should be approached with a long term view. If results aren’t going so well it may mean you have to revisit some of the website structure and address any technical issues that may be causing issues. Explain the from the offset and you should avoid digging yourself into any unnecessary holes.

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Twitter now allows header images and more branding opportunities

Twitter has announced changes that allow you to further customize and brand your business's Twitter account.

New design features for profile pages allow users to upload a header image that will be visible on Twitter and, for the first time, on iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Additionally, the new design gives users more control over their background images, which can now be visible on both the left and right side. This can give marketers even more real estate for branding on Twitter.

Time to log in and update your profile on Twitter! Follow us @adtrendsinc!

If you need help maximizing your Twitter branding or social media reach, contact us today!
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Does a cluttered desk really lead to a cluttered mind?

Neatniks will argue that a tidy and orderly work area is absolutely essential to doing effective work. Messier people, on the other hand, will argue that there is a “method to the madness” and that clutter does not necessarily translate to disorganization.

You may be comfortable with some papers or books piling up on your desk, but it is important to recognize when a chaotic workspace begins to hinder your work productivity.
Does it take you 20 minutes to locate the report you need for a colleague? Do you have a hard time focusing on the task at hand because of the mess around you? If so, it might be time for a little spring cleaning to clear your desk and your mind.

Work Productivity Through Organization

1. Start with the papers.

The flurry of papers that descends on your desk every day can be challenging at best, seemingly impossible at worst, to tame. Begin with this spring cleaning task because it is usually the most difficult, and everything else will be easy by comparison.

Divide your papers into piles according to category, then file them in a way that you will be able to find and access them easily. This can be as simple as clearly labeling file folders and keeping them in a rack on your desk or as intricate as color-coding and alphabetizing folders in a large filing cabinet—use whatever system works for you, just as long as every paper has a home. Ask for help from an organizationally gifted colleague if you are having trouble getting started. If you maintain this system, you will notice a positive change in your work productivity.

2. Find a place for everything.

Are you familiar with the saying, “A place for everything, and everything in its place”? Many times, a messy workspace is created when you simply don’t know where to put your possessions. Look closely at your desk and its drawers and identify the items that always seem to be in the way and have nowhere to go. Now think of a solution you can implement to improve your organization. For example, if you have a habit of pasting Post-It reminders all over your desk and then losing track of them, consider putting them up on a bulletin board instead. If you have a drawer full of loose paperclips, pens and highlighters, buy a segmented drawer organizer to make it easier to find what you need.

3. Get your hands on cleaning products.

When was the last time you actually wiped down your desktop or computer? A lot of dust and grime has probably accumulated since then, so finish your spring cleaning with a thorough dusting. Clean the desktop with a damp rag and a little spray cleaner; tackle the computer screen and keyboard with electronic wipes and a can of air duster.

Do you find that having a tidy workspace improves your work productivity? Do you have any plans to do a desk spring cleaning?

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USB Car Charger

Click here for a great promotional product idea:
USB Car Charger

Help your clients recharge easily during their busy day.
Everyone has a cell phone, pda or music player that needs recharging.
Everyone drives their car.
Everyone wants a car charger.
Your clients and potential clients will see your logo everyday with your USB Car Charger.
Perfect give away to get your brand noticed.

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Stay dry this spring season with this week's featured product! Personalize this 42" umbrella and have your clients and employees help increase the recall value of your business.
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Office Spring Cleaning- Dust Away The Winter Blues

Don’t put off tackling your office clutter. Integrate spring-cleaning into your weekly routine. An organized and clean workspace can raise productivity, motivation and even change the way you are perceived in the office. Where to start can be an overwhelming, so use these tips to jumpstart your transformation today.

1. Put aside just 15 minutes a week. Choose a quiet/slow time to reduce the possibility for interruptions. I find the end of the day on Friday works great.

2. Most offices are not as paperless as they want to be. Determine if you are a “piler” or a “filer” and create a system for you. Keep only materials for active projects at your desk and items that are reference or only accessed occasionally off to the side. After projects are complete develop an archive procedure.
3. Breakdown the work of de-cluttering into manageable tasks. Even if it’s as simple as today I will tackle my pencil drawer, next week the drawer below that. Get rid of pens that don’t work, return excess supplies not being used to a central location, and avoid the build up of personal items: snacks, mittens, lotions…

4. Assess your space with an editing eye. Get rid of unhealthy plants, holiday decorations, dirty dishes, and only keep one or two personal artifacts that you find motivational.

5. Don’t overlook common spaces. Even 5 minutes Tidying the waiting area, copy room, or going through the office fridge is an invaluable investment in collective moral and productivity of the office.
By taking pride in your workspace appearance you will find it easier and more pleasant to complete your work. You are now positively representing the image of your company and this professionalism will get you noticed among your co-workers.

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March Madness Builds Morale

Did you know that even if you don’t shoot hoops or follow collegiate basketball, the friendly competition that typically surrounds March Madness can be a morale-booster and bring out team spirit in the workplace.

According to Melissa Doster, Gwinnett OfficeTeam branch manager for Robert Half International, “Many employees are taking on heavier workloads, so non-monetary benefits such as March Madness activities have an especially important role right now in keeping workers motivated in their positions.”

1. The NCAA basketball tournament is an opportunity for workers to bond as they talk about scores and root for their favorite schools.

2. Employers can hold viewing parties during a brown bag lunch or potluck meal.
3. Sponsor informal competition by encouraging employees to wear their favorite team’s apparel or decorate their workspaces in celebration with awards for the best team spirit.
4. If you’re interested in holding March Madness activities in your office, run the concept by your manager or the committee/individual who normally organizes social activities.

5. According to an OfficeTeam survey conducted in 2011, 57 percent of managers said group events tied to the playoffs are okay in moderation.
6. The same survey reported that 11 percent of managers welcome group events.
7. However, 32 percent felt NCAA basketball tournament activities shouldn’t be allowed in the workplace.
8. Only 20 percent of employees said they are distracted from work by major sports competitions.
9. Interestingly, in a separate 2010 survey, 41 percent of managers felt the college basketball playoffs have a positive effect on employee morale.
10. In fact, 22 percent believed the festivities actually increase workers’ output.
Checkout this week's featured product: Basketball Stress Ball (pictured above):
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