Golf Season is Coming!

Golf Season is Coming!

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It’s starting to get close to that time of year again; the sun is staying out longer, the grass is starting to turn, and companies all around the area are getting ready to have start their yearly company golf tournaments. And maybe you are getting that “itch” to head out and play in a couple tournaments.

But first, do you remember those golf tournaments from last year?  Were they great or just ok – you know they say a bad day on the golf course is better than the best day at work.  Do you remember the “goodies” or “SWAG-bag” they handed out?  You don’t?  Was it because those goodies were “not-so-good-ies”?  Was this event the oneyou or your company organized?  If so, how many of the players from last year’s event plan to return this year?  And more importantly, how many of the sponsors from last year’s event do you expect to return with their generous contributions?Golf Tournament  Ad-03

If you are on a golf tournament committee and want your participants to return to your event year after year, send them away with a goodie bag full of quality items they will want to use – or more importantly, items they won’t want to throw away.  And if you rely on sponsorship dollars to help fund your event, then their company logo should be on items that your players will hang onto and want to keep in their car, desktop, or home office . . . not just in their golf bag.  Your sponsors will look at these goodies as marketing dollars spent wisely.

Let the “Club Pros” at Ad Trends Advertising help you build a better golf tournament.  Our ideas will not only add credibility to your event, but will also bring more money to the bottom line of your fundraising efforts. We know that no two companies are the same, and neither are their tournaments; so why should all of the goodies be the same from tournament-to-tournament. We create customized golf tournament items for you and your company, and never just pull something off the shelf and slap your company logo on it.

Think about it, would you rather have Sponsor A logo on a sandstone car coaster and your company be seen every time they take a drink; Sponsor B logo on an acrylic drink tumbler and you’re seen when they are thirsty; and Sponsor C logo on a roll-up sweatshirt blanket and help them keep warm while they’re dreaming of the course? OR you could give your players a $20 umbrella.  How do you define getting the most “bang” for the marketing buck? Oh, and all of this is done for under $20 per player.

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